Single Family Homes at Crimson Ridge are built with superior quality, functional and beautifully developed floor plans overlooking spectacular views of either the golf greens or natural wooded landscape. The Crimson Ridge Community enjoys all the golf amenities, walking distance to Embers restaurant, along with walking trails to the water falls, crimson creek and the Voyageur trail for the true hiker.

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Home Designs

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Trevino Model

Trevino Models

Trevino:  1565  /  1912  /  2280

Hogan Model

Hogan Models

Hogan:  1360  /  1675  /  1865  /  2472

Palmer Model

Palmer Models

Palmer:  1550


Custom design

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Trevino 1565

Trevino 1565

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

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Trevino 1912
Trevino 2280
Hogan 1360
Hogan 1675
Hogan 1865
Hogan 2472
Palmer 1550